Discover how we make collection easier

You do not require a programming team to automate the collection of your organization

Customer Portal

The more friction is reduced in the collection processes, the more payments will be received in a timely manner

Quentli Checkout
Quentli makes the payment flow easier than ever

Your customers can pay you anywhere, anytime

Intuitive and accessible experience where you will have no doubts about what each button does

Quentli payment methods
Comfortable payments

Make paying a forgettable action for your customers. It shouldn't take more than 2 minutes. Use our checkout page optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Offer the payment methods your customers expect.

Cards saved in Quentli
Save cards to speed up payments

Allow your customers to register their cards to make it easier for them to make their next payments. Payment methods are secured according to the required regulations.

Public concept in Quentli
Get new customers

You can create publicly-available concepts to get new customers and turn them into frequent customers. Share the link wherever you want: social networks, messages, a QR code.

Quentli uses your logo and your colors
Bring your brand

Using Quentli does not mean that your brand will lose presence. Maintain a consistent experience by customizing your Customer Portal. Simply upload your logo, choose colors and voila!


Monitor payments and manage your subscriptions in the Dashboard, your administrative panel in Quentli

Manage your clients with Quentli
With the Dashboard, you're in control

Know the most important metrics, such as your monthly income or active customers

Manage your business data: customers, subscriptions, concepts and much more

Statistics of your collection in Quentli
Analyze and decide

Get the most relevant reports to know the status of your collection. You will be able to see metrics such as recurring monthly income, number of subscribers, successful reminders and more.

Sync with other apps

If you already have an administrative system, an ERP, or another application in your business, you can integrate it with Quentli to synchronize your information through our API.

Pago exitoso
A customer pays in Quentli
We send the event to your system
Receipt of payment
Another event happens, for example, a ticket is printed
List of payments in Quentli
Monitor payments

Get visibility for each payment made in real time and go further with flexible filters. Export the data at all times and use it however you want.

Create concepts in Quentli
Manage concepts

Create recurring concepts with specific periods of time, for subscriptions or services. You set when to charge your customers. You can also create concepts that are paid only once such as a registration or the sale of a product.

Create subscriptions in Quentli

Assign subscriptions to your customers to charge them for each specific period of time. Require your customer to register their card so that they are automatically charged for each period or you can make it optional.

Take the next step

Start using Quentli and stop worrying about collection tasks to focus on the core activities of your business.