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Automate payment collection through online payments, recurring charges and scheduled reminders

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Do your thing, we make sure you get paid

Reduce collection costs and save hours of work

Secure your monthly income and reduce the rate of customer abandonment

Make it convenient for your customers to pay you

Remind your customers of their payment dates

Don't waste time asking your customers to pay, Quentli does it automatically by sending messages through WhatsApp, SMS and email.

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Offer different payment methods

Make it easy for your customers to pay. With Quentli you can do it at any time with transfers and debit or credit cards. They will even be able to pay you with cash at convenience stores.

Payment methods in Quentli

Integrate with your system

When a payment is made, you and your customer get immediate confirmation. The status of your payment will be reflected in your system without having to make manual revisions.

Integration with your system
Charge directly to your customers' card

Get paid like Netflix, making your customers pay without even pressing a button. Secure your fixed monthly income.

Automatic charges

Automatically charge my card every month

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Many things have changed after the pandemic. Quentli helped us adapt and offer a more efficient service.

Instituto Tecnológico de SaltilloIng. César Martínez, Director
$3million USDpayments volume through Quentli
+1.5Yearsusing Quentli to charge the tuition

Ease of use

You can access the Dashboard to see in real time the status of payments and reports with the most important metrics.

Manage customers, concepts and payments which will update immediately

You don't need a technical background

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We adapt to your organization

For organizations that manage subscription plans, support remote payments or want to automate their collections

Schools & universities
Insurance companies
Real Estate
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